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What’s Ascending Wellth About?

Ascending Wellth is about raising your wellness awareness and charting a path to improve your health index.

Ascending Wellth is about exploring possibilities and developing a new perspective that empowers you to shift into creating that “new and more valuable life currency”.

It’s also about helping you to uncover the unseen, overcome barriers and rise above your current circumstances to help you feel and live at your BEST!

In my nearly 40 years involved in personal health and fitness and 10+ years working with the public in the wellness field, as a certified functional health and wellness coach I’ve encountered numerous people, many who have sadly become resigned and hopeless, accepting the notion that “this is just life” or “this is just the way it is” and “I should just throw in the towel and live this way”; male, female, young and old, many that have years of life left in them but don’t feel that they do.

Is that really what you want to believe?

I truly believe that life is a gift, you are here ON purpose and you HAVE purpose. It is NOT by accident or coincidence and improved health and wellness can be achieved at any age and any stage.  That said, your life experience is totally up to YOU and what YOU decide to make of it. And the state of your health is a big part of it.

Working with a certified functional health and wellness coach can not only help, but make it that much easier, because you’ll have a partner aiding you in discovering that there IS hope and there really are solutions.

 Together we’ll ask better questions, uncover barriers, consider possibilities and find the tools, resources and best place for you to start to make the changes you’re looking for.

This is not about simply telling you what to do, teaching you more rules to follow, or about relying on willpower (like many models do). It’s about helping you find your own answers, how to implement what works for you, being open to new strategies and focusing on where you are each day, which is truly the only day that really matters.

This is about learning to work WITH yourself, cutting through the noisy and often overwhelming periphery of life by concentrating on the core basics  to help you make better choices and establish better habits which extend into all the other areas of your life.  

Will it be challenging? Maybe. Will it be worth it? Absolutely. Nothing feels better than getting unstuck, moving upward and fulfilling your highest potential. 

If YOUR goal is to transcend your current challenges with practical, do-able guidance and support, then I encourage you to contact me and together we’ll design a plan that works for YOU!

I’m ready when you are. Just click the button….


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