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Wellcare & Supplements

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need to supplement.  The quality of our food and environment would give us exactly what we need all of the time. But since we don’t live in a perfect world, try as we may, there are times and reasons to support our bodies and “fill the gaps” with supplementation and just use better quality wellcare items.

I’m frequently asked about this and even though I point my clients to recommendations and where to find them, it can still be a daunting and overwhelming task.

That’s why I’m SO excited to be able to provide you the BEST resource for your supplement, personal and wellcare needs–my Wellevate dispensary!

What Is Wellevate?

Wellevate is the new way for you to purchase quality vitamins, supplements, and natural health products online, over the phone, or on the Wellevate app and have your items shipped right to you!

You can procure your protocols, easily order online from my dispensary and set up auto-refill to keep your supplements coming so you have what you need, when you need it.

Wellevate is backed by Emerson Ecologics, the leading distributor for practitioners and their clients for over 40 years.

With Wellevate, you can be sure you are getting only the highest quality products, expert customer support, and unparalleled service.


Why Use Wellevate?


Free shipping on orders over $49

325+ brands and thousands of products

Quality-tested products, handled and shipped
safely to keep your order fresh

Auto-refill so you can set
it and forget it

But What About Supplement Quality?

It’s no secret that there are certain risks with purchasing anything online. From shipping delays to incomplete
orders, quality control and just downright fraud, there are a lot of factors that can cause your supplement order to not be what you need, when you need

Online retailers, like Amazon, have been featured in the news with rising frequency for counterfeit products,
imitation merchants, and scams. As a result of this phenomenon, it has become more important than ever for both
practitioners and clients to be aware of where they are purchasing supplements online.

Inventory Specialization

Wellevate focuses only on natural health products,
making vitamins and supplements their top priority while also providing healthy personal care items.

Product Verification

With Wellevate, inventory is verified for
authenticity and is quality-tested.

Warehouse Conditions

Inventory is always stored in temperature
controlled environments in the Wellevate
distribution centers.

Quality with Wellevate

Like you, I want to make sure that fresh, high-quality, and timely supplement orders are the ones getting to your door. This is why I trust and use Wellevate myself.

You can rest easy knowing that your supplements have been properly stored in temperature-controlled environments, filtered for expired products, and will be there when you need them.

Use the Wellevate App

With effortless, anytime access to your recommendations and favorites, you can more easily stay on track while maintaining a connection with me, your health coach practitioner.  Search “Wellevate” on your favorite app platform.

Recommendations & Favorites

Easily view and order your recommendations and favorites, including any notes, attachments or downloadable documents provided.

Order History

"My Pillbox" contains recommended products as well as your
order history and favorites.

The app syncs with your existing Wellevate account so you
can order what you need, FAST.


With the Wellevate app, signing up for auto-refill is easier
than ever. Never miss a day of your protocol.

Use The Barcode Scanner

Scan the bottles of your favorite items and
favorite them for easy re-ordering from "My Pillbox".

Oh, and as a B-O-N-U-S…

By ordering through Wellevate, not only can I offer you a wide selection and personal assistance, I can offer you special discounts off the usual retail prices…e-v-e-r-y day and without having to go out of your way to hunt down deals on your favorites.

Sign up for free today to get started on your own personalized protocol and path to wellness!