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The Basic Essentials for Optimal Wellness

Just as we require air, water and sun to survive, there are a few basic essentials I’ve listed below that seem to play the biggest part in achieving and/or maintaining optimal health and wellness.  While you’re probably familiar with them all, perhaps their roles have become muddled or even forgotten over time.

As we work together, we’ll visit these basics and work to prioritize, simplify and implement them according to your needs.


Whole Foods

SADly, the Standard American Diet (SAD) has become a chief factor in compromised and/or declining health.  We’ll focus on shifting to a more single-ingredient whole food way of eating comprised of foods that work for you in order to give your body the best raw materials possible to function optimally, improve your health index and not feel deprived.


Stress comes disguised in many forms, from the physical, to the emotional and mental.  While a little stress may actually be healthy for us at times, chronic stress can do more damage than we can imagine and we may not even realize it’s happening or where it’s coming from.  Helping you identify toxic stressors in their various forms and how they impact you, changing how they are perceived, and learning strategies to help your body AND mind respond better to them vs. simply reacting to them is KEY to this life-changing aspect of health.


Even though I already mentioned water above, I feel it’s important enough to reiterate hydration here. Did you know that improper hydration is one of the most overlooked causes of various health issues and just generally feeling blah? Since water is essential to human life and plays a major part in wellness in a variety of ways, proper hydration naturally deserves a special place on our essentials list.

Safe Movement

Whether you love it or dread the thought, appropriate physical activity is a must for those looking to live healthy, quality lives.  Not only does it play a part in improved bone density, cardiovascular health, the immune system, strength, balance, hormones, metabolism and more, but it also helps us to continue to do what we want and love, promoting independence and joy, especially as we age.  Based on your personal profile, we’ll determine appropriate and do-able activities that are functional, restorative and work best for YOU.




So many people not only don’t know what adequate sleep is or how to get it, but many are also unaware of the far-reaching impact it really has on their health and well-being.  Cleaning up sleep habits and helping your body (and mind) rest and recover each day is imperative.  Making sure we address this particular topic will make all the difference for you.


Adults need fun too!  Disconnecting from electronics, the doldrums and the seriousness of every day routines we often get hooked up in and getting up, out and experiencing different people, places and things, connecting with others and activities that bring us joy is another essential for improving health and the quality of life.  Let’s find what’ll make you giggle like a kid again. As the old saying goes, “Laughter IS the BEST medicine.”

Addressing Old Trauma

We all have unresolved emotional baggage that, if left unaddressed, can manifest itself into mental stress as well as physical health issues, as the mind-body connection is very real. When we aren’t getting well or feeling our best through other basic changes, it may be time to explore this topic.

Spirituality & Connection

Whether you believe in it or not, research has shown that trusting in a higher power makes a dramatic impact on our well-being.  This is not necessarily about religion, but a spiritual connection with something bigger than ourselves. In addition to our personal relationships and connection with others and even ourselves, having faith in a greater, all-encompassing source of unconditional love and support gives us hope, helps us reduce worry and stress and to also find purpose and peace.

So there you have it!  

Now, this isn’t an all-inclusive list–BUT these are the most common basics and the BEST first place to start to help you identify the root cause and begin overcoming the health challenges you may be experiencing. Having a trusted and experienced coach by your side to help you assess these aspects and their impact can be the game changer in your results and success.

If you feel any or all of these areas resonate with you or need attention and you’re ready to take charge and responsibility for your health and wellbeing, then there’s NO better time than NOW to get started feeling your best and living the life of your dreams!

Are You Ready???