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Hey there!

Welcome and thanks so much for being here!

I’m hoping this means that you’re interested in being proactive for the sake of your health and wellness and perhaps you’re wondering how a coach can help.

First of all, what exactly is a “functional health and wellness coach”?

Glad you asked! I’m a consultant, an investigator, an educator, a resource, and an ally who specializes supporting people to make positive health and lifestyle changes in order to improve their health index by focusing on finding and implementing various measures such as better food choices, stress perception, sleep habits, fitness, and self-care so they can enjoy a higher quality of life and well-being.

As a certified functional health and wellness coach, I practice a solution-oriented approach to health and well-being, first examining what I consider “the basic essentials” as well as other life factors and the impact and functionality they have on the whole person.

While a holistic, “back-to-basics” view is generally our best first approach, in no way might that exclude pursuing more conventional methods as needed while working with you. This includes helping to bridge the gap between you and your health care provider and others to create improvements in all areas of your life.

Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

Among the top things, I’m a mom of 2 great boys, an outdoor enthusiast, a physiotherapy nerd, a wellness “DIY” gal and a health and fitness “junkie” since the tender age of 14 (aka a really long time). (Oh, and a certified functional health AND personal trainer, if I didn’t mention that already.)

Part of what drives me is that I’ve personally experienced my fair share of issues from “normal” to “common”, to “Ouch, this hurts!” to “Seriously? OMG!” across the spectrum of life.  (The list is long.) My affinity for holistic and alternative therapies and my willingness to be open-minded (as well as being my own “guinea pig”) have been instrumental in overcoming them and my continually striving to be at the top of my game at every age and stage.

The other part is the good fortune and enjoyment I’ve had to work alongside a doctor providing physiotherapy, corrective exercise techniques and health coaching to hundreds of people for more than 10 years. Having the opportunity to be a part of the process and their journey toward feeling good and functioning better has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

With both my personal history and professional experience as well as my penchant for researching useful information and sharing helpful solutions, being a functional health and wellness coach is truly my calling as my desire to educate and empower myself and others to understand, appreciate and take command of our lives, our health and our well-being continues to flow.

Cassandra C. says…

“I am so glad to be working with Cheryl on my health issues. She is not judgmental and taps into her vast reservoir of knowledge to give you custom suggestions. She’s a kind person who shares her own struggles and does not judge you about yours. She is very professional, knowledgeable and truly cares about my well being from all aspects, and is providing me with valuable and thorough guidance. I am looking forward to continuing the sessions with Cheryl and would highly recommend her services.”   

So, How Can I Help YOU?

My job is a collaborative effort with you, as well as practitioners, to educate, inspire and support you in reaching new heights in your health and life journey.

My goal is to compliment, not complicate, the process by removing the overwhelm, encouraging you in a way that feels good to you and is as stress-free as possible, in every way.

My personalized service looks at YOU, the whole, unique individual that you are, to help you find and implement the solutions you need, not simply a cookie-cutter approach to managing the problems, as we so often see.

However, just remember it’s up to YOU to understand that simply taking an interest isn’t enough to creating the changes and results you desire.  Like all things of value, it will take commitment, willingness, a conscious effort, support and most of all–action–but there is nothing more valuable than your health.  Think about what you’d be without it. 

So, if you’re struggling to find harmony and “wellth” in your life, partnering with a qualified health and wellness coach may be just what you need. 

Please, don’t wait. There’s no better time than now to be living and feeling your best. 

Get in touch with me today. 

Before You Go…

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